AISC has added a new design guide to its library, and it’s all about speed!

Design Guide 38, SpeedCore Systems for Steel Structures gives designers everything they need to take advantage of the nonproprietary concrete-filled composite steel plate shear wall core system that shaved a whopping 10 months off the erection schedule of Seattle’s 58-story Rainier Square. It’s available for download at; a printed version will be available in March.

The guide (authored by Amit H. Varma, PhD; Morgan Broberg; Soheil Shafaei, PhD; and Ataollah Anvari Taghipour) covers coupled and uncoupled systems in planar, C-shaped, and I-shaped configurations. It also includes critical information about designing for wind, fire, and seismic considerations, along with extensive design examples.

SpeedCore is a game-changer when it comes to the rapid design and erection of steel buildings because there’s no waiting for concrete to cure,” said AISC Vice President of Engineering and Research Christopher H. Raebel, SE, PE, PhD. “It’s possible to build four floors in a week, which translates into shorter construction time, substantial cost savings, and earlier occupancy. The new Design Guide provides a complete toolkit to harness the potential of this innovative structural system.”

In addition to being…well…speedy, SpeedCore provides extraordinary strength and stability, which is one reason it’s being used in seismic zones like Seattle and California. It also offers superior impact and blast resistance, and its predictable structure with no hidden reinforcing bars makes it great for future adaptive reuse.